Annabelle Sethupathi Movie Review, South Indian Movie 2021

Annabelle Sethupathi movie Review

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Duration: 2 hour 14 minutes
Annabelle sethupathi Release Date: 17 September 2021
Language: Hindi
Subtitle: English
Annabelle sethupathi cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Taapsee Pannu

Annabelle Sethupathi Review

All of you are welcome once again khatari and today we are going to talk. Released on Annabelle Sethupathi full movie in hotstar, which has been released in Hindi as Hot Star Channel Rathod and it’s pottery make-up etc. has made Spain as a horror comedy film. Here the marketing of the school was done etc.

12 etc were released, but after seeing them I felt somewhere that no joe is trying to create any type of order. Somewhere he has not even attempted, so it is better to call him a horror comedy. If it is called a meat comedy, it would be more correct, inside which an attempt has been made to create drama to create comedy and some posts have tried to tweet a little romance in it.

Jo Hai comes with a runtime of 2 hours 15 minutes which makes life opinion after watching it. If I try to tell, I would just like to repeat the same line which I said in the review of Bhoot Police. Yes, the biggest problem of this phone is that it is a horror comedy that you don’t even try to scare the first thing, then you are saved immediately if you remove it.

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Comedy On Asli will not get to see such a nurturing anywhere inside Puri. Where you will get kind of laughter. There was so much hurt comedy inside. There was so much photo comedy that I was confused for a moment. I mean I am telling the truth. Sometimes I used to switch from Hindi to Tamil and sometimes while watching the suvichar conversion from comment to Hindi, it seemed that maybe there is less comedy in the comment here, then maybe I must have done some good comedy in Hindi dubbing. I’ll see him

Then it used to happen there too, so I used to come here. To see you, I used to think that if there is nothing wrong with Hindi dubbing, then I can see in Tamil bus. Maybe there will be laughter. If I had a lot of scenes where there was an attempt to create comedy which was post comedy. Saw it more than once, but who is real where there will be a little laughter. A smile will come on your face. Other Wise as a comedy film, Yeh Toh Hai fails as a horror comedy Sun.

The only positive point that I found was a bit impressive. Its romantic poster Jab in Second House here is the water love story of Vijay Sethupathi and Taapsee Pannu. He is Krish. He is type from outdated. The whole presentation is his but still good to see because of the performance and presentation and only the whole was the same thing in them. It’s fun to look inside the whole. Other wise comedy is not able to impress anywhere and joke horror comedy romantic post start impressing

In which I talk about a Ghost Party Ram’s hit song, whose comment I liked very much. The lyrics impress me a lot. Something is allowed. That impressive Laga Complete in Hindi song Jo Tha Mujhe Laga. Apart from this the set which has been designed. That little bit of the palace was nice to look at and the design was pretty sharp. Even though his screen time in the quantity sector is very less, he has done his job very well.

You will get to see all his scenes, which dialogues will be heard and through which the actor has been written. For the small screen, one can say that it was quite different. Apart from this, about Taapsee Pannu because her performance also looks better in that moment. Where drama and romance are seen in them. Talking about other wise comedy, her comic timing was absolutely nothing special and she does not manage to pull off anything special with her performance.

Had the drama been given a little more 3:00 time, I could say that it was a decent one. Could have been a movie worth watching. Other wise with the story of then, Annabel Rathod or Aana Pati is such a South film that you will soon get to see in Hindi. But if you will not be able to see it completely, then if you are busy, then while fulfilling your duty, you will take a look once with a stone on your heart and the rest of the people will keep themselves away from this film.

If you want, you can watch the film with your family once to pass the time. Rest of the film is not particularly interesting. How did you like this film? I am also going to do the second part of the commercial. I am not excited about the second part at all. If you would have liked to readppl

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