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Movie Name : Beast full movie
Director : Nelson Dilipkumar
Writer: Nelson Dilipkumar
Cast : Thalapathy Vijay, Shiva Aravind, Sujatha Babu
Genres : Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller
Release date : April 13, 2022 (India)
Country of origin : India
Language : Tamil
Runtime : 2 hours 35 minutes

Beast Full Movie Review & Story

Beast full movie, Even the hero will be overwhelmed by my words, do not believe in the tension and you will be given full opportunity to see this talent with live eyes, where in the biggest mall of the city, which has been taken over by some dangerous evil intentioned terrorist.

Hijack but the twist in the story is that behind the stylish mass, there is such a face hidden in one which looks like a human from outside but inside is total 20, just then it is a matter of fun game, the winner will get life and the loser. Only death is your soldier ready, if there is a knife, gun and sword in hand,

then the enemy whose mind is in front is his biggest weapon, he must have absolutely Hollywood feeling, or the lonely jeans between 50-60 colors inside the mall will play the game of WhatsApp. Isn’t it the feeling that must be right, the subject of 20 has definitely been picked up from Hollywood, but their end result is a worn out average Bollywood card photo copy, just listen to the Shankar trailer on YouTube, you can see all the messages ready.

KGF 2 Full Movie in Hindi Download Filmyhit

Apart from that, not a single thing has been written and can not be seen extra. There is no story in Geegi Theater only and only one situation is forcefully dragged for two and a half hours, without entering the head-foot angle, no tension, no surprise, absolutely boring and predictable, but mental cinema in which the audience tries something new.

There is an attempt to win but there is fruit from 201 whose purpose is to earn money from public only and only by putting it on a big statue center, the worst thing is that the whole two and a half hours is roaming in front of Vijay sir with the camera One man show Ek Hero Toh Force everyone else to be a hero, there is no work for the side characters, it doesn’t kill the interest in the story.

But the real villain of 20 runs is its director, who has also drowned the name of the Tamil industry in the pursuit of copying Hollywood, there is no action scene on which the mouth will be torn apart, feel like clapping the city again. It is quite average, the feeling of cold cold special is missing You have gone to see it, but I will see more headless comedy in which there will be less laughter and more crying over your luck.

Thalapathy Vijay is seen in his flesh avatar but the director has made his screen presence creative or unique. Instead of making it detective, one thing makes you stand out is Anirudh’s music, because of which you sit in the theater for 2 hours, if it does not happen, you will go to tell the second hand in the house after a sure time.

What is the matter, look at it, this 2-minute KGF trailer of 2 hours is even weaker than the easy and simple answer, there is no competition far and wide, both of them will get disappointed 20 from my side. Thoda hatke and creative music track, 1 year will be cut in the rest of the negative, second for the ghastly story, copy paste from the minor direction is nothing of its own.

Use less comedy se and chauth vijay sir ko sant to sarp To present in the place of Rice Feet in the Big and Boring Fail, understand it in simple words, then I do not have the guts at all to match the high score proves to be a complete failure, if you do not book the ticket, then use your money at some right place. left to do

Beast Box Office Collection, (Beast 1st Day Collection)

This Year’s One of the Most Awaited Tamil Film Witch has been listed at Indian Box Office. But net has taken the opening at the Indian box office, after that friend these films have become the biggest opener of Indian cinema and Tamil cinema, yes friends, in today’s video we are going to talk about Bisht’s first day box office collection.

I am going to know more about friends’ movies in Hindi, how many crores have opened on their first day, definitely watch this video till the last if you also like to watch Thalapati Vijay Kailahat money and his films in Hindi that let’s start. As you all know, among friends, which was waiting not only in Tamil cinema but all the audience in the media, the trailer of this film was just liked by the college,

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this panchayat teacher had all the blockbusters of this film with Along with friends, three percent of Tamil cinema’s superstar Thalapathy Vijay and one of his Ting and his action is very bang in this film, the audience is very fond of this film made under the direction of friend Nelson Dilipkumar, because friends, the story of this film, it keeps you tied for two and a half hours and friend, the action of this film is quite a lot.

I am going to like it and this is the reason why this film of friends has been liked by the audience as well as the practice, critics have sent a good friend to Thalapathy Vijay’s work and his action has been liked a lot as well.

Friends, his Adikkuthu song, in which his best dance is also being seen, also makes this film a great one, that is why it has been released among friends in Hindi as Roe, this friend is today at the Indian box office.

The story copy has been received on its first day, if we talk about the box office light of this film has been released on about 2350 screens in All India, where the judge has earned about ₹ 4000000000 in advance on the very first day itself. In which friends also included on this Advance 30 has crossed the figure of about ₹ 35000000.

It was that the advance of this film in Hindi had crossed the figure of Rs 3500000, as well as at the Telugu box office, this film had achieved an advance of 5 crores i.e. friend Thalapathy Vijay sir’s film was its first On day 40, WhatsApp was supposed to get a big opening, but friends, as soon as the shots of this film started in this morning, similarly friends on-spot booking also got a tremendous view of this film and there were as many shows as 255.

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He is running housefull since morning, today Vijay’s fans have declared a holiday for this film and only last paper among friends is going to take opening of ₹ 500000000 on its first day at Tamil box office and more The collection of this film from India is also crossing the figure of crores of rupees, as well as in two overseas also the first day collection of the day is crossing the figure of ₹ 100000000 i.e.

friends should be seen overall. So not only Best Sip India but also at the Indian box office with an opening of 72 to ₹ 75000000 at the world wide box office. Mill cinema is going to be proved to be one of the biggest opener, you can tell that this film is getting good from the audience in Hindi also and if you also want to see this film in Hindi in your nearest cinema halls.

This film may have been planted there, you can see you friend, are you eagerly waiting for this film?

Beast (Raw) Trailer REVIEW

Mother Cinema Everyone Can Make Four-Five Tabla Action Scenes With Cars Flying In The Air And Deals With People To Fight Single-handedly Becomes A Strong Hero Low G Master But The Most Difficult Of Meat Class Is A Cinema In Which Both The Heart,

The Mind Question Na Paya Paya Dalpati Vijay’s Latest His Hindi Trailer Is Finally Released And Almost Every Second In The 3-Minute Trailer Will Meet Me With Both Meat And Saath Aap Haath Hain, Sun’s Name Has Been Changed In Hindi And Sanket Mahatre For Dubbing Has been selected,

who must know well with South Movies, the most amazing thing is that the whole train is being celebrated like a festival on the fight, Bollywood does not have the same to Same Idhar De Dena Udhar Ka Music Meet Toh International 22 Let’s say Vijay sir will be seen in a top secret wire, this thing is stuck at the right place at the wrong time, the shopping mall which has been hijacked, some people have just known what they all know from inside

the forest which they thought as their safe house. Already Exists The Beast Will Clean Up Chun-Chun’s Enemy The best thing about the trailer is that only the present of the story is shown, the close angle will be done completely and the future is there, the whole suspense is left, just watch as much as you need to show, enjoy in the rest of the cinema theatre.

Hollywood bike me too same to you are a sequence They are giving total international ceiling At birthday party they have taken the whole trailer to the next level with their different style Stylish cinemas covid-19 Some people must have felt manihari spicy With a mask on his face and a gun in his hand, get some people inside the mall to complete their secret mission in exchange for the lives of some people,

Dasvi Full Movie Download Filmyzilla 2022

now look at the number of people who are more interested than in the past, they are excited about the release date, hey you don’t know April 13 said So 1 day before KGF Chapter 2 means super duper class has been confirmed, on one side there is a rate of 4 years and on the other hand you have never seen Master’s student for such a simple crash cinema till today but everything is very good like this absolutely Ain’t

the doctor rocking aside for KGF Clearly speaking in star Yash interview, this is not an election, one will win the phone and the other will lose it’s not 20 vs KGF 1 Piece and KGF Chapter 2 Celebrate both but some people do not agree with this thing at all, your own favorite you are number one Are engaged in the race to make number two, forcibly one is being brought down to lift you up From there,

less than 20 cases will be shown in Varsha Canada region, but the biggest challenge will prove to be the deciding factor for both the Hindi audience, now the high quality of KGF is very high in notepad and on the other hand Vijay sir’s promotion in his manner It has not happened, Last Leaf Master from above, that too had become cold,

I would personally request that it is good to fight amongst each other, support both the films and do not spread hat-trick in vain, good continuum against any film will automatically rise up for the time being How do you feel about 20 Do tell in the comment section below which bank’s military are you going to see first show, remove the curtain from the secret immediately.

Beast (Raw) Trailer


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