Bharti Singh Showed The Son’S Face To The World For The First Time, As Well As Showed The Son’S Room

Comedy Quiz Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa are proud parents of a lovely son these days. Ever since the birth of Bharti’s son, the fans were desperate to get a glimpse of his son Gola i.e. Lakshya Limbachiyaa. Bharti also shared the picture of the son several times but hid his face every time. At the same time, for the first time, Bharti has shown the world the first glimpse of the beautiful face of her son.

Lakshya Limbachiyaa is 3 months old. On this special occasion, Bharti and Harsh have shown Gola’s face. The picture of the comedian’s son has become viral on social media as soon as it arrives. Fans seem to be convinced of Lakshya’s cuteness. Along with commenting, fans are also giving a lot of love and blessings to Lakshya.

See who has gone Lakshya

Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa have got a photoshoot done as soon as the son is three months old. During this, Lakshya is seen shooting in different dresses and styles. In some pictures, Lakshya is seen with a hookah and somewhere in Harry Potter’s getup.

While in some pictures Bharti is seen posing with him, in some Lakshya’s father i.e. Harsh is posing with him in his lap. Lakshya looks no less than a princess in every picture. Fans are very fond of his pictures. You too are losing your heart on cuteness by commenting together. Along with

the son’s room shown in the video, Bharti has shared a video on her YouTube channel.

In this video Bharti shows fans from Lakshya’s room to toys. In this you can see Bharti telling her fans how she has decorated her son’s room keeping everything in mind.

Along with this, she also told where she changes her son’s diaper, where is the round cradle and the rest of the room too. At the same time, Bharti shows Lakshya the toys and tells that whenever her eyes open, she wants to put them in front.

The father has gone

further, in the video, Bharti is seen preparing and telling the son. She says look, she has done potty, wearing clothes only. It has completely gone on her father. Wherein Bharti’s comedy does not stop here. She goes on to say, ‘If you were born in our house, would you go headlong?’ This video is being liked a lot on social media. So far it has got a lot of views.

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