Bigg Boss winner now in this condition, why?

All the seasons of Bigg Boss that have been held so far, the luck of the winners of that show has always shone. The winner of this show not only gets money but also has many big projects in his hands. But now recently such a photo has gone viral on social media, in which you will be surprised to see the winner of Bigg Boss.

Yes, these days a photo of Divya Agarwal, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT, is going viral on social media, seeing that it is difficult for people to understand who she is? Whoever sees this photo of Divya Agarwal at first sight will not be able to recognize it. Now you must be wondering why Divya has adopted such an avatar? So let’s say

This look of Divya is astonishing

It has become difficult for many to believe that it is actually Divya Agarwal. But this is true and let us tell you that this is one such character of his web series, which is very dangerous. Divya Aggarwal has adopted this look through aesthetic makeup. It is known that Divya was seen in many different roles in Alt Balaji’s web series Cartel. Divya Aggarwal played the role of a serial killer in the cartel.

Divya turns serial killer

Whenever Divya had to carry out any incident in this series, she used to assume a new form. In this photo we can see Divya as a lady cleaning the hospital. He has completely changed the look of his face. In the photo, Divya Aggarwal’s big teeth are visible, there are dark circles under the eyes and the body is dark in color, which makes it not easy to identify her at all.

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