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Don Movie
Don Movie

Movie Name :- DON Movie
Director :- Cibi Chakravarthi
Writer :- Cibi Chakravarthi
Cast :- Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Arulmohan, S.J. Suryah
Genres :- Action, Comedy, Romance
Release date :- May 13, 2022 (India)
Country of origin :- India
Language :- Tamil
Runtime :- 2 hours 45 minutes

Don Movie Review

Welcome To You All Once Again Train G Four Movie Swaraj We Are About To Talk About Kamal Khan’S Don Which Released In Theatres This Week With Shivani And Priyanka Mohan Reddy Chakraborty A Drama Comedy Film With Around Two Hours And 40 Minutes After Seeing Them While Watching Them,

I Try To Put One Of The Comedy Butt In A Very Good Emotional And In-The-Drama Comedy Emotion Is Seen In Such A Perfect Balance Of Everything That You Are Who You Are A Good One. The Entertainment Itself Comes Out And With All These Things, For What Is Shown Inside This Film In The Climax Of Spain Which Is Full Of Climax, I Would Like To Say That This Film Is Just For That Climate Which Is A Must Watch.

I Will Not Say Only To Anyone Who Is Above You Can’T Miss Them, I Will Only Put Up The Climax For Which Everyone Must See This Film Once That I Didn’T Know That I Had To Go And Watch It So Far. So I Will Go To Shiva Karthikeyan’S Last Film Doctor Such A Big Blockbuster Film That Inside Gujarat, Very Limited Said That A Lot Of Help Was Given To The Count Of Five Or Six Jodhpur All-Overs Here In Gujarat,

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So I Had To Go A Long Way And See The Matter Which There Was A Lot Of Flowers And Kailash Ji, I Don’T Know When The Climax Was Going On, What Was The Previous Scene Which Was Going On When There Were 2 People Sitting Next To Me And I Used To Sit And I Would Have Been Sitting All Three Of Us And Crying Who Is.

I Don’T Do Butt So Diffinately That Both Of Them Who Are Crying At The Time Of The Climax Were Crying Someone Was Asking His Tears So The Sound Of Someone’S Can Be So Loud That It Is Clear That He Is Crying Who He Is And I Was Definettly How Because If You Bully A Middle-Class Family Then This Film Is What It Is, Then Their Character Is The Story Of The Film Which Is So Much More Relatable For You That Indefinately Understand That It Will Make You Emotional Very Much Emotional.

I Have Seen The Same Type Of Climax That Is, But The Same Message In Which I Have Presented Here, With The Beauty With Which I Have Presented These Presentations, Which Is So Amazing That Whatever Is The Off-Presentation From The Dialogue Is So Amazing That I’M True.

Let Me Say That I Would Like To Thank Chakravarty From The Bottom Of My Heart That He Has Conveyed This Message So Beautifully Inside This Film, I Don’T Know That Maybe His Own Story. Maybe Because The Name Of Shiva Karthikeyan In Him Is Also Kept In Him, It Is Also Chakraborty Who Is Kept In Him.

After Shahid, Tell Me At The Doctor’S House Later, Then I Don’T Know But Somewhere The Story That Is The Pawn Has Been Presented In Such A Relative Way. That Everyone Can Connect With This Story In A Very Good Way, Now Let’S Talk About The Story Of The Talk In Story Care, Then You Will Get To See A Lot Of Qualities In The Story Of The Film, You Will Get To See A Lot Of Such Things That You Will Feel That Yes Brother These We Have Seen These Things Somewhere In A Different Way,

Somewhere We Have Heard Of These Things Somewhere In A Different Way, Somewhere, Given A Biggest Exam, Then The Three Idiots Film That Came, Then That Film Is In That Film. If There Is A Three Idiot Film, Then Let’S Say That The Director Of The Film Is Probably Inspired By The Same Sun And How His Character Is Probably Inspired By That Message From The Same Bridge, From The Education System To The Pressure Of The Parents To The Relationship.

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From Everything That Is There Is A Lot To Hear And See That Everything That Is Here Is Modi’S Different And What Is Presented Here In His Own Style. The Two Most Bj Plus Points Are The Number That Comes Here Shiva Karthikeya And The Underperformance Number Of His Film Comes At Number Two.

Pankaj Seconds You And The Special Number Climate Talk To You Shiva Card Also About Them, So Again He Has Shown That Inside The Inside How Strong His Command Is, He Repeatedly Shows Us In A Comic Role And Again And Again He Calls On Who He Is In Such A Great Way That Every Time Those Who Manage To Impress Do Not Turn Around That Which Isacting.

In The Moment You Are Seen, He Plays According To The Character, According To The Cancer, His Expressions Remain, His Dialogue Delivery Remains, Everything That Is Different Looks Different Butt He Manages To Remove What Is In It If In Today’S Date If You See, Shiva Karthikeyan Has His Own Screen Presence, One Is His Own Stardom In Which He Will Go To See, Then He Has A Different Experience And Those Who Have Also Been Following Him Together For A Long Time.

So People Know That This Journey Has Been You Shiva Karthikeyan That He Is Not On His Own, How Inspiring He Is And On That Is Why If We Laugh Inside The Sea, If We Laugh A Lot, Then One Of The Biggest Reasons For That Is His Inside Shiva Karthikeyan’S Performance.

The Dialogue Delivery Is Their Expression Which Is In Every Single Poster In Every Single Department, Their Work Is Amazing, Even In The Emotional Scenes Which They Have Performed In A Very Good Way, Their Performance Is Amazing That If There Is A Simple In Them. There Is Also A Scene Going On There But Today There Is Comedy, But Not Even Written In That Way, But It Runs Like In Their Eyelids That Even Inside The Scene From Simple, What Is On Your Face Is A Slight Smile Which Comes.

If The Comedy Is Well Written, Then You Are Going To Laugh A Lot There. As I Said, His Character And The Story He Has Is So Relatable That He Automatically Connects With The Character Of Shiva Card Kin Inside The Sun From The Beginning To The End In That Character Who Is A Child From Childhood To Maturity.

The Journey That We Get To See Is Very Good And Very Much That We Can Say That What Is In The Natural Way Has Been Presented Here And That Is One Of The Biggest Reasons Why We Are Able To Connect With Its Actor Who I Would Say That I Can Put A T-Shirt That We Get To See A Good Comedy In Some Good Place Inside The Stone. The Collision Between Shiva Karthikeyan And The Sun Is Largely What You Manage To Entertain.

We Also Get To Hear Some Songs In Which He Proves To Be The First You Who Is 120 Stock Butt As Soon As You Go In The Second Half A Sirius Inside The Story As Soon As A Seriousus Centers This Film From There Inside The Story Which There Is One That Creates An Emotional Country, There Is A Tree In Such A Great Way That If You Are Not Going To Be In The Climax Porsion, Then There Will Be Hardly Any One Who Is Not Difficult To Hear The Dialogue By Looking At That Preclam 13 Which Is Not That Difficult.

They Are Also Written In A Very Good Way, Here From Some Dialogues Inside The Film Which Can Say That There Is A Lot Of Inspiring, There Is A Lot Of Motivational Dialogues That You Get To Hear Inside Them, So Direct Which Is Anywhere But In The Meantime.

Does Not Give Because Nowadays Some Bill Comes Out Of Which Inside The Speech In The Name Of Motivation And Inspiration Start Giving Speeches, People Also Hear Dialogues Like A Thing To Us,

So That Thing Which Is Nowhere You Will Also Have Dialogue Which Is Quite To The Point And They Have Been Written Here In A Very Wonderful Way And The Actress Has Also Delivered Them In The Same Way As What Is There Is, They See A Lack Of Support In Them, That Is Also Very Strong, Talking Tea Or Talking About Jayasurya’S Tea And Doing The Sea.

That Here They Are Playing The Role Of Shiva Karthikeyan’S Father, Both Of Them Have Been Giving Amazing Performances Here, The Center Is Very Good To Hear Surya’S Work. In Itself, He Creates A Hope That Whether He Will Get To See A Better Performance On Asia Than That, The Character Is His Work In School According To Him Which Is Amazing, Can Say That In Today’S Date, The Type Of Performance That Sj Surya Is Giving.

No Matter How Much You Remove That The Performance Of Their Films Like Theirs Which Is Deepa Na Today’S Date Is Very Difficult If Someone Plays Her Character In The Remake Of Their Films, Others Will Have To Make Any Mistake With Their Own Style.

Don’T Say That Today The Work Of Copying The Sun To Do The Sea On Another Side Is Also Amazing Inside Them, But One Thing That I Would Like To Say Is That Because Inside Them Both These Actresses Have Performed So Wonderfully That We Have It Seems That You Should Have Given Them A Little Bit More Three Percents Of What Is There, I Had An Appeal Somewhere Near That The Character Of Sj Surya Should Have Been Written A Little More Which Is In The Battery But All The Things That You Get To See Inside You.

She Would Have Worked Somewhere A Little Bit More In A Great Way If Hui’S Character Which Is There And Is Well Written, Her Screenplay Which Is Very Engaging Is In Some Places The Sim Which Likes It Will Be Specially Said That In The Second Half Ticket You Will Go A Little Bit.

And There Is A Song Which Is A Song Called Private Party, He Did Not Keep Films According To Me, So He Could Have Kept It In His Last, The Way It Was Kept In The Doctor Because That Song Which Is A Lot Of Force Is Visible And That Song Is So Much Force. There Was Also Some Impatient, The Rest Of The Two Songs, So That Song In Their Very Impress, Which Is There, Was Not Even Transmitted There And Somewhere It Works As A Speed Breaker, So If It Had Not Been There,

Then It Would Have Been The Batter With Me. The Chemistry Between Priyanka Mohan And Shivakarthik Is Very Good, What Is The Onscreen Pair Of What Is Very Good Looking But Somewhere The Love Story Between Them Has Become A Little More Routine.

If There Had Been A Little Change Inside Of It, Then It Would Have Been Best If There Is Some Moments Inside My Other Wise House Love Story Which I Would Say You Will Enjoy Watching, Then Where To Go, Don’T In My Opinion Is Something That Is A Complete Package Package.

There Is Comedy Inside It, There Is Drama Inside It, There Is Emotions Inside It, There Is A Great Message Inside It, I Would Like To Say With Marriage That There Is A Wonderful Performance, Then My Opinion Is That If You Want To See A Good Entertaining Film And Listen To This For The Climax Of This.

You Must Watch The Film Once You Must Remember Some Other Films, But Its Presentation Is Its Presentation Which Is The Execution Is So Great That You Are Going To Do 2 Hours 40 Minutes Which Is Completely Editing. Bye Take Care


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Don Movie
Don Movie
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Don Movie Download

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