Free Guy Full Movie Review And Story

Free Guy Movie This is a Hollywood movie, these movies are very amazing and are being watched a lot by people, we have also seen this movie and today we are going to do this Free Guy Movie Review this movie which is Free Guy Movie Online also you can see

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Free Guy Movie Release Date in India This movie was released in India on 17th September on a digital platform which is Amazon Prime.

Talking about the movie preview, in the beginning, a guy is seen, its name is Guy who works in a bank but in reality he is a video game and in video games he has to do the same thing every day and every day. He used to do the same thing every day but one day he sees a girl in whose affair he forgets his work and starts doing whatever he wants with his mind.

Due to which the owner of the video game has to face a lot of problems and his game is also promoted a lot, but his owner did not like it, his owner had stolen the code of a brother sister who was a video game developer. and it was the same guy that a brother and sister together designed that guy and the code of the game was stolen by the owner of the game in this video

The girl in the game was the girl with the same code that designed the game, although that code was nowhere to be seen in the game because the code was across a wall

But what kind of guy was this guy who started walking in the game of his own free will he could do whatever he wanted 1 day while chasing that girl he started talking to the girl but the girl told that her brain power is low You increase your brain capacity and then come and talk to him, after this Guy started increasing his IQ level, he would die again and again and again and again he would get up again and go to increase his level.

Her IQ level had increased and then the girl whose code was used in her game comes to know that it is done by her brother.

And then he decides that he will keep his code back and will be punished for the age of that game and in this the cow helps him, that girl cow understands everything well and then the cow gets to work. There are many scenes in the game in which the cow dies and it comes to know about a new new powers.

It is proved that this code belonged to these two siblings and then the owner of the game is jailed and both these siblings make their own video game. Guy again started living his life in that video game of his own free will. The girl also used to visit the cow sometimes and the movie’s indo goes here

it is very interesting to watch free guy full movie online and it also looks very good, at first it seems that this is normal life but later it comes to know that this life is the life in video games

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