This Actress Did Not Stop After The Director Said ‘Cut’, Kept Doing KISS to Emraan Hashmi, Emraan’s Condition Had Worsened

Emraan Hashmi, popularly known as serial kisser in Bollywood, has made his place among the big actors in a short time. Emraan Hashmi has given many hit films to Bollywood. It is said that Emraan Hashmi is the best at kissing girls. but

Let us tell you that an actress broke Emraan Hashmi’s record. And did not stop even after the director was cut. The actress we are talking about is none other than Bollywood’s famous Nargis Fakhri. Emraan Hashmi and Nargis worked together in the film Azhar. During the shooting of the song ‘Bol Do Na Zara’, a kissing scene was kept for which actress Nargis Fakhri was ready.

According to the information, when this kiss was shot. Then the director was constantly being called cut-cut. But Nargis Fakhri was not taking the name of stopping. Nargis was constantly being kissed after holding Emraan Hashmi. Emraan Hashmi’s condition had also worsened.

Revealing about the kissing scene in an interview, actress Nargis Fakhri told that she had to kiss Emraan Hashmi five times in a row and she also took a hefty fee for doing this scene.

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