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Tiger 3 Movie
Tiger 3 Movie

Movie Name : Tiger 3 Movie
Directed by : Maneesh Sharma
Writing Credits : Aditya Chopra
Cast : Salman Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Danish Husain,Katrina Kaif,
Genres : Action, Drama, Thriller
Release date : April 21, 2023 (India)
Country of origin : India
Language : Hindi
Production company : Yash
Budget : ₹1,500,000,000

Tiger 3 Trailer Review

Salman khan’s pick name is not an emotion for the fans, but bhai jaan’s magic always speaks on the head of the public, there is no doubt about it, but for some time the matter is going a bit messy, listen to such nonsense. Publicity people got it, people saw it, in return, less praise was made and more jokes were made, on the other hand, solid strong like the last, people killed total ignore.

Friend if not today or tomorrow, the plans will rise back like this, don’t understand this fact, salman khan has a perfect comeback with a gun in his hand. Of may be in starting but yesterday the release date of salman khan’s second kabhi eid kabhi diwali was announced yesterday, after which everyone was afraid that tiger’s end of 2023 should be posted till christmas of april.

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Month to make you the hottest in the 23rd calendar, sallu bhai, in this back, the entire team teaser gives you a glimpse of katrina madam who is taking special training of punch kicks in the meeting and the weapon is hidden in it. Maybe there is preparation for some big mission for which she is being forgiven, we also got to see the action avatar of katrina in tiger zinda hai, but this time the label of action will be very high,

Then the back curtain rises and in front comes the face whose for fans were eagerly waiting for real tiger salman khan is seen in a completely sabotaged already ready avatar, the same old killer attitude style, apart from these two stars, you must have supported some mysterious people in the teacher, have you seen it or not, then understand that no tiger commission international rather, there will be a real life in the cinema inside china,

The world’s biggest dangerous place, we want to see that salman bhai will do it inside him, don’t take tension, keep everything ready. The ocean of happiness has been lost in the heart of bollywood, but personally i have one big complaint, emraan hashmi, you did not do well by ignoring this name,

Underestimating his popular can do a lot of damage, tell those who do not know tiger price doon tiger movie imran bhaiya will be seen in the negative shed, not a hero, a villain and ever since he came to the new market, his bus had reached a different level, but today the payment is not known,

Even the voice of the poor boy was not heard and the biggest mistake was when the name has not even been written, at least one dialogue should have been given to investigate, like shahrukh, deepika, apart from these, john was also included in the teaser of pathan, then why all this with emraan hashmi it so the cheating has spoiled the whole mood,

Hope this is the next time, at least their names will be read, now it is your turn, tiger, please write your thoughts in the comment section, the perfect come on salman khan after the last brother of is it right to question the popularity or else tiger’s public will get a befitting reply

Tiger 3 trailer

Tiger 3 movie poster


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