Why Ratan Raajputh is not married yet, know the reason

Ratan Rajput gained popularity with Zee TV’s popular show Aalge Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo. But now she has distanced herself from the world of glamor and is seen living the desi life.

Ratan Rajput’s swayamvar has also happened. Ratan went out in search of her partner through Swayamvar, but she is still alone. Now the question must be arising in everyone’s mind that why?

In such a situation, let us tell you that Ratan Rajput has answered this question very well through a blog. The actress says that it is not that she never wants to get married in her life.

Ratan Rajput said in his blog that if he does not want to get married then he never does swayamvar. He did swayamvar because he was looking for a good partner through this. However, in this show he did not get a partner according to him.

Ratan Rajput also said that she wants to enjoy her life freely, explore the whole world. She wants to do whatever she wants in life.

Ratan says that she does not want to be in bondage with some people after marriage. In such a situation, she says that she wants to live life differently.

Ratan also says that after marriage he will not get such freedom in his life. Because it is often seen that after marriage, girls are expected to give up. The actress also said that people do not keep the girl after marriage as before. Many people pressurize girls to leave their jobs.

Talking further about the marriage, Ratan also said that she does not want to be the mother of only one child in her life. She said that she wants to support many destitute children by becoming a mother. Ratan also says that perhaps because of his thinking, no one should adopt him.

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